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Long Term Care Insurance

Healthcare plans typically do not cover ongoing care such as an extended stay in an assisted living facility, a nursing home or the need for a home health aide. Medicare pays only limited amounts for skilled care following a hospital stay and it does not pay for long term care services which assist people with their daily living activities.

Typically, you should consider long term care insurance if you have assets (excluding your home) of at least $70,000 and/or if you have income that you want to protect. Another reason to contemplate long term care insurance is if you do not want to burden your family with your care or you want to determine where to receive long term care.

Long term care insurance is not right for everyone – contact Jay Knobbe at Insurance 365 in Norfolk, Nebraska for more information about long term care planning. He can explain the pros and cons for your situation. Call today at (402) 371-3136!

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