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Long Term Care 101

What is Long Term Care? When you can no longer perform your everyday tasks due to chronic illness, an injury, a disability or simply the process of aging, you will need long term care. Long term care will also provide for the supervision required due to severe cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

This type of care can be provided in your own home, a nursing home, an assisted living facility or an adult daycare facility. Insurance 365’s Long Term Care Professional – Jay Knobbe, will work with you to determine which long term care strategy will work best for your situation. His knowledge and expertise is in long and short term care. With valuable experience designing products and training agents on current issues and facts, Jay has a very unique & fresh perspective for our clients.

If you have ever thought long term care is just too expensive you need to visit with Jay. The short term care plans save assets and have guaranteed issue features with very manageable premiums. Call our office and visit with Jay about getting the facts and staying up to date on all companies’ features. We have multiple carriers to make sure your premiums and coverages are the best to offer with the sincerity and service of a local agency.

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